Using your smartphone abroad with a roaming solution is extremely expensive.

Smartphone or a MID (Mobile Internet Device) are becoming the norm.

Wi Fi technology is growing all over the world.

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is now a mature technology.

i-Mōbb provides you with the cheapest, easiest and most practical solution to be reachable anywhere in the world and to call anyone with your own regular smartphone or Mobile Internet Device (tablet…). A mobile VOIP application with a temporary phone number and a credit to call.

  • Click HERE for a Free Test Account.

  • As soon as you get a WiFi or a Data connection you will be able to “Mōbb around the Globe“: retrieve your messages, receive calls and dial any number at incredibly low prices. You will be able to use your contact list.
    Enjoy your trip everywhere and “Mōbb around the Globe“.

    See how Cost of a few minutes with your carrier (ATT,VERIZON, SPRINT, ORANGE, ROGERS, KPN, VODAFONE,T-Mobile etc…) = 1 week of unlimited calling with i-Mōbb !
    • Download on Google Play (Android market) or Apple Store; Look for i-Mobb, the FreeRoamingApp
    • Select the flag of your country of residence and check how much you can save :